"Fleet are the feet, serene in the spirit of the runner."

– Fleet Feet co-founder Sally Edwards

Created first in 1976 by Fleet Feet co-founders Elizabeth Jansen (left) and Sally Edwards (right), Fleet Feet Running Club defined a group of people associated together not by how fast or far they ran, but by the spirit and passion they displayed in doing so. 


Fleet Feet Running Club is back for everyone. No matter where you are on your running journey, there's a program that is:

  • Led by passionate and knowledgeable coaches
  • Championed by dedicated and magnetic mentors
  • Guided by the most relevant safety standards
  • Supported by the coolest partners and brands
  • Fueled by the determination of its participants

No matter where you are on your running journey, we have a program and group to run with you.

NEW FOR 2018


The beauty of running is that it can be done in a variety of places, by people of all abilities, at distances both short and long. The programs available through Fleet Feet Running Club reflect that, covering all levels, every surface, and any distance. 


We believe all your hard work and effort deserve a symbol of achievement, which is why all Fleet Feet Running Club members will earn a badge after completion of any of our programs. Adorned with the current year, each badge features an original design specific to that program.


Check out our Spring 2018 programs, we can't wait to run with you!

5K Programs - Click to register!

Our 5K: FINISH program focuses on beginners, but all levels of walkers and runners are welcome. The program is structured to help you cross the finish line of the Sunburst 5k race in just 12 weeks! It can also help existing runners meet new performance goals. Along the way we’ll provide you with motivation to keep you moving, guidance and advice, weekly group training runs or walks, and educational clinics on topics such as proper nutrition, choosing the right gear, and avoiding injury. Plus, you’ll have the camaraderie of others just like you! 

Our 5K: FAST program caters to those who want to run a faster and stronger 5k! This program focuses on PRs (personal records!) and breaking barriers in training. While both programs meet at the same time, the different groups will work on different exercises in the same location. Both programs cost just $85 and include a 12 week daily training plan, store discounts and coupons, and potential race discounts!

Important Dates:

  • Info Session/Program Launch Party: Sunday, March 11th at 6pm
  • Season Starts: Wednesday, March 14th at 6pm-- this will be the first run/walk! 
  • Season Logistics: Wednesday evenings at 6pm, Saturday mornings at 9am. Locations will vary depending on the week's focus. We will run from the store, Beutter Park on the Mishawaka River Walk, and other locations throughout the season. Don't worry, we will always communicate the location ahead of time! 
  • Goal Race: Sunburst 5k on June 2nd 


Half-Marathon Programs- Click to Register!

13.1 miles can be a long way to go if you don't have proper guidance or enough motivation. With our 13.1:FINISH and 13.1:FAST programs we provide both, no matter what level of half-marathoner you are!

Whether you’re a seasoned half-marathoner or looking to do your first distance race ever, this group is designed to help you conquer your goals and reach the next level. Spring training starts with our Fleet Feet Running Club Spring Programs Kickoff Event on Sunday, March 11th at 6:00pm. For the remainder of the program we will meet every Tuesday at 6:00pm, Thursday at 6:00am and Saturday at 7:00am.

This group is open to runners and walkers of all paces. We will be training for the Sunburst Half Marathon, but we are able to make personalized adjustments for you if you’re training for other spring races scheduled in May and June.

 The Finish program is geared towards first-time (or first-in-a-long-time) distance runners. We'll help you increase your endurance and safely build your mileage. 

 The Fast program is designed for those wanting to PR their half-marathon finish time. If you are wanting to a run a fast 13.1 miles, then the Fast program is for you! 

 For just $110 both programs include:

  • Three weekly workouts with mapped courses
  • Thursday AM track workout focused on building speed-- this is our Speed Demons program, it's included with any 13.1 program registration!
  • Pace groups from walkers to 7 minutes per mile, including multiple run/walk interval groups
  • Weekly training emails for participants
  • Vendor sponsored runs with discounts and giveaways
  • Clinics with local health professionals, chiropractors, physical therapists, and dieticians
  • Good Form Running clinic with a certified instructor
  • Injury Prevention clinic
  • A discount card with 10-30% off of running necessities

Important Dates:

  • Spring Programs Launch Party: Sunday, March 11th at 6pm at Fleet Feet Mishawaka
  • Season Starts: Tuesday, March 13th at 6pm at Fleet Feet Mishawaka
  • Season Logistics: Tuesdays at 6 pm at Fleet Feet Mishawaka or another pre-determined location, Thursdays at 6 am at the old St. Joseph HS track, and Saturdays at 7 am at Fleet Feet Mishawaka or another pre-determined location. 
  • Goal Race: Sunburst Half-Marathon on June 2nd, 2018.

Speed Demons- Click to Register

Speed Demons is a weekly speedwork program designed to help intermediate and advanced runners increase speed and strength with track workouts and speed training.  It's perfect as an add-on to your current training as well as a standalone training option! With a convenient AM meeting time, runners can add speedwork to their busy schedules while not interfering with the rest of their training calendar. The program meets once a week during the training period, Thursday mornings at 6:00 am. The workouts will last an hour to an hour and a half. This program is included with purchase of a half-marathon program and just $25 for anyone registered for a 5k or 10k program. The standalone cost is just $40! This is great to mix in to any training!

Important Dates:

  • Info Session/Program Launch Party: Sunday, March 11th at 6pm
  • Season Starts: Thursday, March 15th at 6am at the old St. Joseph Track
  • Season Logistics: Meets every Thursday from March 15th- May 31,  at 6am at the old St.Joseph Track. Workouts will last 60-90 minutes. 

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